Memory Teddies, puppies, horses, elephants and more

For us, life is all about living in the present to make blissful memories for tomorrow!
Memories forever by Avril will create memory teddy bears, monkey’s, elephants, Giraffe’s, Memory cushions & more that are just irresistibly appealing to hold and hug & a perfect way to hold onto our loved ones clothes.
We all want to remember our every First forever? First birthday, first Christmas, first day at school, first friend, and the list of our firsts can go on and on. What is most valuable for us is to help you recreate those beautiful and cherished moments in your life by holding on tight to our memory teddies and cushions. There is so much more comfort in hugging the personalized memory you once shared with someone.

Memory Cushions

Memory teddies and cushions can be made from one item of clothing or a number of clothing items in a patchwork style. With specifications like names and dates, poems and quotes that can be embedded onto the memories forever Keepsakes. Teddies, and bunnies can vary in size from medium to large.

I also make wall hangings of any size, tailored to the number of pieces you can provide.

And don’t forget your furry family members Dogs & Cats. Create a memory from their bed blankets , coats , favourite toy etc can keep them in your mind forever.