What is a Memory Quilt

Our memory quilts are a seamless combination of family memories, gatherings, hugs and kisses, collected all these years and stitched in a patchwork quilt.
With patchwork memory quilts created for your loved ones that are no longer with us or if you are getting a memory quilt from clothes that have a very special meaning we will sit with you and discuss what exactly you would like in your custom-made patchwork memory quilts that will take you down memory lane. Pieces of shirt, dress pants, your favourite sports jersey whatever it may be, pictures that tell stories, and feelings that were once shared all get connected through threads of affection, which sewn together leave the most impeccable effect on life.
It just calls to hold on tight for a while and let the blissful memories begin for you.

Memorial Quilts

Memorial Quilts are made in celebration and remembrance of a loved one who has passed.

Baby Quilts

Why throw away the baby clothes that you do not need anymore? At times, you do not have enough space to keep the baby clothes with you to touch and cherish later in life.
Well, is there anything better than seeing your baby’s clothes, all stitched and hemmed together as one quilt to be touched, hugged, and cuddled? We know the feeling you still share for your little darlings who are not so young anymore.
To make you stay more connected with your loved ones, we felt baby quilts in Ireland will fashion a new trend of showing love and care to your babies like never before. The variety of personalized baby quilts let the old clothes put together by Memories Forever by Avril as baby quilts, cushions, or even teddies to hold close. Baby quilts, made with soft and delicate fabric and prints, are handmade with love felt at first touch.

Photo Quilts

Special memories ask for notable things. Let us help you refabricate family memories by printing and embedding pictures, drawings or photos, poems, or quotes of your choice onto our custom printed photo quilts. It is even more soothing to look and feel the things you shared with the family sometime before.
We believe photos have the immense power to take you back in time. We considered doing that through our photo quilts with solid colors and pictures printed so that you can hug anybody you want in your sleep.

Gift Quilts

Our wide range of gift quilts are sewn and stitched flawlessly for special occasions. We know the hours of pondering on what special gift to give for birthdays, christening’s, weddings, and Christmas can bring. It is why we created our delicate and soft wedding gift quilts for you, to make your special occasions even better and offer presents that people will never forget in a lifetime.